Eat Garlic

by Phillip Day

Almost all cultures in the world use garlic. Not all cultures in the world know that garlic is Nature's most potent antibiotic and a lot more besides. Peter Josling does, he's studied the stuff for years at Britain's Garlic Centre and his book, Allicin, The Heart of Garlic, is the first popular, comprehensive outing by a scientist on the benefits of this most marvellous of extracts.

"Garlic contains many beneficial components," he writes, "and over the last 10 to 15 years an enormous amount of research has been published on the properties of various breakdown components that are formed when fresh garlic is cut, crushed, chopped or processed. Of these well-known and categorized sulphur-containing chemicals, it is allicin that stands out head and shoulders above the rest, showing the most exciting, interesting and beneficial properties.

Now, with the advent of new technology, for the first time ever it is possible to produce stabilized allicin on a commercial scale. This has led to research confirming the most incredible spectrum of activity against today's most pressing problems resistant bacteria, viral and fungal infections, and micro-organisms that have long been the scourge of modern man." 1

There are a few who cannot stand garlic, and for them, Nature has an arsenal of other substances listed in The ABC's of Disease (see; Anti-Candida/Fungal Supplementation ). For the rest, garlic/allicin represents a highly potent, holistic way to:

Allicin is a proven weapon in the fight against disease. Josling and others have published a plethora of research showing allicin demonstrates significant efficacy in treating the problems below. It is in its role as a cold preventative, however, that garlic, to-date, has been most well-known.2

Acne, AIDS, animal bites, arthritis, asthma, athlete's foot, bacterial infections, bad breath(!), bladder infections, blood pressure, boils, candidiasis, canker sores, cellulitis, cholesterol control, circulation, cold sores, colds and influenza, coughs and respiratory infections, cryptosporidium poisoning, dandruff, diabetes, diaper (nappy) rash, diarrhoea, delayed aging, ear infections, eye infections, ebola and dengue fever, eczema, fungal nail disease, gingivitis, hay fever, heavy metal contamination, hepatitis, immune system irregularities, impetigo, impotence, irritable bowel syndrome, mosquitoes, MRSA infection, parasites, peptic ulcer, pre-eclampsia in pregnancy, protozoal infections, psoriasis, ringworm, rosacea, shingles, sinusitis, sore throat, thrush, toothache, traveller's tum, TB, verrucae, viral infections, warts, wounds, vampires;

Don't be without this indispensable aid.


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Phillip Day's interview with Peter Josling of The Garlic Centre

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